About Us

downtownThe Rockford Review based in Rockford, Illinois is published twice a year in perfect-bound format of 100-plus pages. The summer edition is reserved for members who are entitled to guaranteed publication. The winter volume is open to submissions from both members and non-members, from which an editorial board selects prose and poetry for publication.

The Rockford Writers’ Guild has a book publishing benefit called RWG Press for writers interested in self-publishing. Please contact the editor for more information.

Several seasonal contests – with cash awards – have been incorporated into the Guild’s mission to encourage members to start or to keep writing on a regular basis.

On the third Sunday of each month, the Guild meets in Rockford, Illinois to celebrate the literary arts. Each session features a guest speaker who has expertise on a particular theme. Based on that educational presentation, members then participate in an interactive writing experience and read their prose or poetry at the mic. Learn more about our meetings.

Monthly meetings have evolved to include participation by the Junior Guild. They are the children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren who attend meetings to hone their writing skills as part of the Guild’s youth outreach initiative. Other objectives include offering community-wide opportunities for school age youngsters near and far.

The Guild’s lively newsletter Write Away, updated website and timely email network offer members the latest available information.