Step on a Crack, Break Your Mama’s…

Back on Friday the 13th, we launched the Superstitious Writing Contest.  Any Guild member in good standing may submit up to three poems or three prose pieces to “Superstitious”.  Prose must be 1300 words or less in length.  Poems must be fifty lines or less.  The theme is “Superstitious” and the writing that best interprets the theme will be published in the next edition of The Rockford Review.  Here is a little video to whet your appetite for superstitious writing.

But if you are superstitious and… 

If you think it’s bad luck to write about superstition, you’ll be relieved to know we are  still accepting entries for the Spring “Relief” Prose Contest.  Any Guild member in good standing may submit up to three prose pieces to this contest.  Rules are simple:  prose must be 1300 words or less in length and it needs to express the theme “relief”.  Cash prizes up to $100 for this contest, along with publication in The Rockford Review.

Wait.  Hasn’t the deadline has passed?

The deadline to submit to the “members only” section of  the upcoming edition of The Rockford Review has passed, but you can still submit to “Superstitious” or “Relief” contests.  The deadline for those contests is May 15.  The winners will have their work published in the same upcoming “members only” edition of The Rockford Review.  We have already received a great deal of wonderful work.  I can’t wait to finish formatting the book!  It is already looking fantastic.

I Get it.  How did the April 15 meeting at Severson Dells Nature Center go?

Here is who showed up to the April 15 meeting at Severson Dells Nature Center! (Not pictured: Denny Ordway and Connie Kuntz)

It was cold and snowy, but hey, the show must go on.  Everyone shared their new writing that emphasized the importance of a good setting.  Since it’s National Poetry Month, many members young and young-at heart recited or shared famous poems.  For our monthly writing contest, all of us wrote new work that expressed the theme PERSISTENCE.  We had two new guests join us; Paul Gies and Orin Keplinger.  From the Junior Guild, we had five writers: Alan Jimenez (14), Angelo Kuntz (8), Fern Kuntz (9),  Jocelyn Kuntz (13), Sam Kuntz (11).  From the regular Guild, we had eight writers:  Brooks Agnew, Connie Kuntz, Jesse Kuntz, Tom Lee, Denny Ordway, Robert Stowe, Tom Walsh, and Joe Yates. In conclusion, the fire roared, the writers wrote, and then we all went home.  See you next month on May 20 from 1-3 at Burpee!  Until then, here are a few more pictures from our monthly meeting at Severson Dells.

Here we are sharing new work that emphasizes specific settings.

Denny Ordway shares a poem.

Brooks Agnew shares a poem.

Tom Walsh shares an essay about his father and Cleveland.

Thanks for reading.  Now…go write! -Connie Kuntz