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Connie Kuntz’s SOTA Interview of Nate Woogen

Read and hear Connie Kuntz’s fascinating State of the Artist interview with Chicago (originally from Westchester, NY) artist Nate Woogen. He says he identifies as a writer second and a comedian first. When asked why, he said, “Comedy takes over your life once you get into it.”

Connie Kuntz Interviews Rockford Artist Valerie Gibbons

Read and listen to Connie Kuntz’s heartwarming interview with “fun” artist Valerie Gibbons, who first made a footstool for her sister.
“State of the Artist continues with a Rockford woman who makes decoupage. Decoupage involves gluing and arranging paper cutouts on a variety of surfaces. It’s a form of expression that has special meaning for artist Valerie Gibbons.”


For the January meeting, bring someone else’s writing (prose or poem) that is told from a different character’s perspective (e.g., Grendel by John Gardner which tells the story of Beowulf from the monster’s perspective). In February, bring your writing telling a story from someone other than the main character’s perspective. We’ll share our writing and also have a writing contest.

Connie Kuntz Interviews Christopher D. Sims

Read and listen to Connie Kuntz’s lively interview with Rockford poet and writer Christopher D. Sims. Hear him recite his poem, “Sacred Woman.”
Christopher D. Sims, aka UniverSouLove, is a poet, spoken word artist, performer, and human rights activist. I followed him for a day in the city where he was born and raised: Rockford, Illinois.

Everyone Is Invited! RWG Meeting, December 15, Burpee Museum

Everyone is invited! It’s that time again for people who live near or in Rockford — our next meeting is a week from today on Sunday, December 15, from 1-3 p.m. in the downstairs Riverview Room of the Burpee Museum.

James Marshall will lead the group in discussing the writing of a poem or prose piece that’s a sequel to a story. Join in the camaraderie and learning process. People in Rockford are fortunate to have such a writing group.

Cash prizes are awarded for a writing contest.