We have recorded six sessions with Molly McNett!  Two are available right now.  They are free of cost and ads!

Molly McNett at a recording session at The Shumway.

Her first story, “Catalog Sales” is about two young sisters (ages nine and eleven)  who are dealing with the divorce of their parents.  This is the first story in her book, One Dog Happy.  At the end of her story, I interview her.  Here it is:


Her second story, also from One Dog Happy, is “Ozzie the Burro” and it is written in the epistolary style.  Through a series of heartfelt (but typo-laden) emails, Grace wrests real love from hard truths.  Per usual, an interview with yours truly follows this story.  Here it is:


Thank you for listening and reading.  Now…go write! -Connie Kuntz