Meet Our Producer, Jesse Kuntz

That is Jesse Kuntz, the producer of the Guildy Pleasures Podcast.  Without him, we wouldn’t have a podcast.   Every Monday, he directs and records us at The Shumway, which is located on a busy thoroughfare in downtown Rockford.

He listens very carefully during our recording sessions to make sure we are only recording talent; not snowplows, ambulances, motorcycles, cement mixers, cars minus mufflers, and/or alien spacecraft.

While he is on the lookout (listenout?) for interference, he also directs the authors so that their stories and essays are perfectly paced.

Later in the week, he tweaks audio levels, deletes pauses or gaps, and inserts musical interludes and sound cues into the stories. Finally, after checking, rechecking, and adjusting the podcasts, he uploads them to the Guild’s website, iTunes, and GooglePlay.  New podcasts are released every Monday.  They are free of charge and contain zero ads.

While it’s true just about anyone can record a podcast and upload it to the internet, Jesse takes the time to professionally and artfully curate each episode.


We have a tremendous amount of literary talent in the midwest and we at the Guildy Pleasures Podcast are motivated to help writers connect to a new, intelligent audience.  We believe our podcasts help bridge the literal and literary gap between writers and busy people.  Many people have admitted to me that while they don’t have time to read, they do enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts.

After much discussion and research, the Rockford Writers’ Guild Board of Directors agreed that a literary podcast would be a smart, exciting way to broaden the author’s platform while enhancing the literary lives of listeners across the United States and beyond.  It truly takes a village of talent and expertise to make this happen, but it is Jesse who makes Guildy Pleasures so professional.

To listen to the Guildy Pleasures podcasts that feature the work of Dan Klefstad (January author), Sharon Nesbit-Davis (February writer), George Davis (Special Guest Interview), Connie Kuntz (Host), and Dan Libman (March author), please click here.

Thanks, Jesse, for all that you do. And thanks, readers and listeners, for making the world a more literary place.  Connie Kuntz