A Gyro Walked into a Bar

I have driven or walked past this place a hundred times, probably more, and have somehow never noticed it.  This is personally embarrassing as it is literally steps away from The Shumway.  Now, thanks to Dan Libman and his new story, “Bottomless Coffee, Topless Dancers”,  I not only notice Oasis Micro-Pub, I revere it!

Here is why:  Say you’re thirsty for a cold beer.  Say you are hungry for a greasy gyro.  You can have both at the Oasis Micro-Pub.  All you have to do is go inside.

This little paradise is tv-free and slot machine-free.  It’s quiet, it’s the best, you will love it.  Once you are hungry, simply order a gyro from Uncle Nick’s and they will deliver it to you barside!  

What is your alcohol culture?  How and where do you drink?  Alcohol culture is a theme of this week’s podcast.  Dan Libman’s story is well written, funny, and it holds moments that I can only describe as wonderfully awful. The interview that follows is lively and fun.  Click here to listen!  Then, if you’re in the neighborhood, let me know, and I’ll meet you at the Oasis!

Thank you for reading!  -Connie Kuntz