Alter Ego Spotted at Blarney Pub!

Yesterday, as part of our Spring Break Literary Tour,  Jesse and I checked out O’Leary’s, which is the inspiration behind Dan Klefstad’s “Blarney Pub”.

The Blarney Pub is where the character Daniel interviews a young candidate for the position of vampire caretaker.

The fictional Blarney Pub exists in an unnamed sleepy college town, and “The Interview” takes place at Midnight on a Thursday.  But the reality is that Jesse and I visited O’Leary’s in DeKalb at Noon on Good Friday.

But then something strange happened!

The minute we walked into O’Leary’s, it became Midnight.  The sunlight flashed into deep darkness.  An intense man with only one arm approached us.  Jesse and I scare easily, so we hustled away as quickly as we could.  We ran upstairs, where it became bright and sunny again, and ran into this cute couple.  

In The GuardianDan Klefstad writes about the Blarney Pub in his second chapter, “The Interview”.  If you haven’t listened to it yet, click here and listen for free.  It’s a sexy, funny, intriguing story that will likely rekindle a couple strange interview experiences of your own.

Thanks for reading and listening.  I hope you find your way to O’Leary’s in DeKalb where you’ll be met with great people, scrumptious food, and good beer.  Until then, go write! -Connie Kuntz