Three Contests and a Baby


Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz’s pregnancy essay, “The Parts” can be heard at any time for free. Season One; Episodes 16, 17 & 18.

Binge-Worthy Podcasts

If you haven’t already, we recommend binge-listening to Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz’s three-episode pregnancy essay, “The Parts.”

Each episode represents a trimester of her pregnancy.  For instance, Season 1; Episode 16 is her first trimester.  Season 1; Episode 17 is her second trimester. Season 1; Episode 18 is her third trimester.  Here is a link:  Episodes 16, 17, and 18

El-Shabbaz’s writing is honest and earnest; plus it’s interesting to watch her determination as a writer and a young mother grow throughout the course of this essay.

Fifteen Year-Old Baby Discovered at Shumway?

Now I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that in Episode 18, the subject of  El-Shabbaz’s essay joins us in The Shumway studio for a little interview with yours truly.  Good stuff.

In Season One; Episode 18, Nasir El-Shabbaz joins us at The Shumway for an interview.

There is plenty to listen to on the Guildy Pleasures Podcast. At this writing, we have nineteen podcasts up and running.  I hope you are enjoying listening as much as we enjoy recording them.  Wait.  What’s that I sense/hear?

“But…I’m Tired of Listening and Reading.  I Want to Write!”

If you are ready to break from listening and would like to write and submit something, we are offering three writing opportunities to all Guild members.  The deadline for all three writing contests is May 15.

Spring “Relief” Prose Contest

What does “relief” mean to you?  For this contest, submit up to three PROSE entries, each 1300 words or less that express the theme RELIEF.  Cash prizes up to $100, plus winning entries will be published in The Rockford Review.  

“Superstitious” Writing Contest 

We rolled out this “Superstitious” Writing Contest on Friday the 13th.  Ha ha ha.  Get it?  Submit up to three poems or three prose pieces that express the theme SUPERSTITIOUS.  Poems must be 50 lines or less.  Prose must be 1300 words or less. Winning poems or prose entries will be published in The Rockford Review.

“Biggest” Writing Contest

The BIGGEST tree in Illinois stands at the base of a hill at the Bald Hill Prairie Preserve in Mount Morris, IL. For perspective, note the person standing next to the tree.

The “Biggest” Writing Contest is inspired by an eastern cottonwood tree that lives at the bottom of a hill in the Bald Hill Prairie Reserve in Mount Morris, IL.  This tree is the official “biggest” tree in Illinois.  It stands over 120 feet tall and is about 200 years old.  It’s not the oldest or even the tallest, but it is the biggest.  We are looking for writing that expresses the theme “biggest”.  Winning poems or prose pieces will be published in The Rockford Review.

Thanks for reading and listening. Now…go write!  -Connie Kuntz