Charon’s Kayak by Dan Libman

This section of the Rock River is located in Oregon, IL behind the Conover Square Mall. It is the inspiration for Libman’s “Rock River Rafters” which is part of “Charon’s Kayak”.

It’s up!  Dan Libman’s fifth story, “Charon’s Kayak” is yours for the listening.

This humorous story takes us on a tour to paternal death and disappointment with a couple stops along the way; one at an AA meeting, another at the river.  We also visit Houston for a minute.  Beautiful writing.

Later, in our interview, he introduces listeners to his wife, Molly McNett.  She will be our June author.  I have ordered her book, One Dog Happy and am eager to get to know her through her writing.

It has been a joy to work with Dan and we look forward to working with Molly in June.  Until then, you can listen to Dan’s “bonus” episode here.

Thanks for reading and listening.  Now, go write.  -Connie Kuntz