The Second Trimester (and a promo)

We recorded the “second trimester” of Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz’s essay, “The Parts” on Monday evening at The Shumway.  You will be able to hear her “first trimester” on Monday, April 9, 2018.

Until then, here is a promo that Dan Klefstad, Jesse Kuntz, and I collaborated on for Bahiyyih.

If you are eager to listen to a podcast, you may listen to any of them for free at any time.  The most recent story and interview is Dan Libman’s “bonus” episode and it is available here.  “Charon’s Kayak” is a beautiful story about death and disappointment, but it’s funny, too.  After his story, he participates in a lovely interview with yours truly.  This is also the episode wherein we meet his wife, Molly McNett.  McNett will be our June author!

Things are going well for the Guildy Pleasures Podcast.  I hope they are going well for you, too.  Thanks for reading and listening.  Now, go write.  -Connie Kuntz